How to choose the best bridal headwear for you…

1st Point: Big Gown Equals Small Headpiece

Brides sometimes forget that they are, perhaps for the first time ever, donning a formal gown, which can swallow them up if their bridal ensemble is not proportionate. The headpiece provides balance to all that skirt. A full on gown with a little headpiece on the head doesn’t work because the bride looks bottom heavy and not balanced.

2nd Point: Change it Up

We recommend that brides wear “transformers”, which means that there are several elements to the headpiece that can be removed. Wear something during that ceremony that can be changed for the reception. The elements that are integrated into the design can come off. For example a lace cap combined with a short veil and fascinator. Then at the reception, the bride can just wear the fascinator without the lace cap and veil.

3rd Point: Your Wedding Theme

Whether traditional, bohemian, gatsby or beach your headpiece should match your wedding theme. Make sure you decided on your theme before you venture out shopping so you can narrow down your options without getting overwhelmed. Here’s a tip in case it’s a windy day keep the headpiece in place with a looped braid passementerie sewn underneath for bobby pins to go through. A comb and a band that goes around the head would also work as a finish to keep the headpiece in place.

4th Point: Bridal Trends Change

The current trend in bridal headpieces is swinging back to the traditional veil after passing through the nothing-on-the-head stage, the fascinator with little flowers and feathers phase and the bird cage veil stage. Beads are also strong this year as inspired by the Great Gatsby. It gives an element of distinctive couture to a headpiece.

5th Point: Which Comes First? The Bridal Gown or The Headpiece?

Non-bridal customers generally choose their headwear first and then their outfit. However, with brides, we recommend that the bride try on various gowns in different silhouettes. When the bride has made a decision on the silhouette, although she may not have picked her dress yet, then she can concentrate on picking out a headpiece. The bride needs imagination, and to know what her face can take, know how she is going to wear her hair and what accessories she will be wearing.


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