The Irwin Family is basically Australian Royalty at this stage so it’s not surprising that the wedding of Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell is nothing short of iconic.

We’re here to give you all the info you need to know about their recently held wedding!


Bindi and Chandler went public with their relationship in 2015 and it’s pretty safe to say that they’ve cemented themselves as one of Australia’s cutest young couples! Apparently they got engaged on Bindi’s birthday last year, and were looking forward to a wedding this year until of course, coronavirus happened.

Just on the cusp of all of this crazy lockdown stuff happening, the pair decided to have a small ceremony to celebrate their love, which is legit so adorable! Speaking of, her little brother Robert walked her down the aisle to meet her husband-to-be… brb while we pat our eyes dry!

Although definitely quite a bit different to the dream wedding they probably dreamed of, they had an intimate ceremony at Australia Zoo, because where else would it have been?! 

Bindi Irwin sentani blog 1

They received some mixed responses from the spontaneous wedding event, with some saying the decision was irresponsible and in poor taste. For us, we love any excuse for a wedding, especially one happening right before the world completely shuts down!

Although we’re unsure of the designer of her wedding dress, it looks super similar to a cult favourite by Tania Olsen Designs (which we happen to stock, so we’ve got you girl). That dress of course is the TO802 Vallaris! It’s quite a popular style amongst many of our customers due to the incredible colour availabilities. From pure white to sage and lavender, this dress can be ordered in AU sizes 4-40! 


TO802 vallaris collage bindi wedding dress


We’ve made a cheeky collage for you to show how you can copy Bindi’s look right here at Sentani! We’ve paired the TO802 Vallaris dress in white with the Tania Olsen Designs detachable wedding skirt!

This magical skirt is the perfect addition to any wedding day thanks to how easy it is to transition into a new look! Rip it off right before you walk into the after-party for a more casual vibe without a full outfit change… Sign us up!

It features long soft lace sleeves with ornate floral detailing, an illusion sweetheart neckline, a gathered waistband and a floor length skirt. It’s the perfect boho inspired wedding dress that best of all won’t break the bank. Check our the product page here or click here to check out more of our wedding range!

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