our clutch guidelines

Consider the size of your clutch

Generally you should avoid repeating the same shape as your body. If you have curvy features, opt for a clutch purse that is structured. Also, avoid carrying bags that are way too big or small for your body size. So if you’re a plus size, look for purses that are medium scaled or if you’re petite, go for small-scaled purses.

Consider the versatility of your clutch

Secure at least one or two clutch purses that go with everything and which you can use for many years to come, such as a solid neutral or black. Also look for something with timeless details like an envelope clutch with no complicated prints. These go with everything and will never go out of fashion.

Consider buying a clutch with a strap

Clutch straps are often practical if you’re not the type who likes to grip to a thing all the time. They are also more versatile as you are more likely to take it shopping or on a day trip where you need your hands free.

Consider what your clutch needs to hold

An overstuffed and bulky bag can distract people’s eye from a fabulous looking outfit. Consider what items you can’t live without and always test the clutch to see if it will fit your items before making a purchase.

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