It’s now December and we’re well into the swing of the party season – the champagne is starting to pop at end-of-year gatherings, awards nights, graduations, Christmas parties (including Christmas Day itself) and the biggest bang of all, New Year’s Eve. Even in January there are reasons for celebration as the summer days continue to Australia Day, Valentine’s Day and beyond.

So with a diary full of engagements coming up you’ll need something to wear to them all. At this thought, some of you might head to your wardrobe with a look of despair over your face. If your party outfit collection is looking a little tired, how can you spruce it up?

The key to the party season is to have a few fabulous chic dresses that you can mix and match with accessories to create a number of looks. At Sentani we’ve got exactly those dresses – here are a few you might consider for the upcoming festivities:

Bonnie Gold Cocktail Dress

Bonnie Gold Cocktail DressThis little number just squeals ‘festive’ with delight. You’ll almost look like a decorative, yet super stylish, ornament yourself. The Bonnie is versatile too, it’s suitable for an evening or formal day event. Glide into your event glowing and start attracting compliments like fireflies to a light.

Pair the Bonnie Gold with a nude clutch and heels as the detail of the dress offers plenty to captivate the eye. Perhaps you could wear a little sparkly adornment in your hair.

Vivian Strapless Cocktail Dress

Vivian Strapless Cocktail DressThe Vivian is a mid-summer day’s dream. Its fresh floral pattern gives off a cool summer vibe and its feminine cut is just so darn pretty.

The Vivian doesn’t need much in the way of accessories – perhaps you could plait your hair and paint your nails a light neutral shade. A white clutch and heels would set it off and it would look great with a stylish broad-brimmed straw hat.

Madeline Black Cocktail Dress

Madeline Black Cocktail DressThis is the ultimate little black dress for the party season. It’s sleek and sophisticated and great for showing off killer curves. You can see Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham in a little number like this, pulling it off with their signature finesse.

The other fab thing about the Madeline Black Cocktail Dress is that it lends itself well to accessories – you could even go towards a slightly vintage look if you so desired. Go wherever your creativity takes you with hats, fascinators, gloves, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. A cute pair of satin black heels would work well on the feet.

Milly Navy Strapless Cocktail Dress

Milly Navy Strapless Cocktail DressYou can just see the likes of the stylish character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City skipping down a New York street in the super cute Milly Navy dress. Fun and stylish, this little dress is perfect for evening soirees.

Match it with a range of colours – try silver, gold, navy or taupe strappy heels. Silver or diamond earrings and a sparkly clutch would look fab. Don’t worry too much about overdoing the sparkle – it’s Christmas after all! You could even do a decorative arm cuff – the single tone of the dress would be able to balance it.

Available now online

All these cocktail dresses and more are available now at our online store. Shine into the party season with Sentani.

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