Now we all know planning a wedding can be daunting so we have our top do’s and don’t to help you through this crazy time.

DO stick to your budget

Yes it is your big day and it is a once in a life time event but set a budget and don’t go overboard with the credit card. After all it may be your big day but it is only one day out of a whole lifetime so make sure your choices fit your budget. If you go over a section then save money on the next to keep your overall spending to a minimum.
Tip: Keep a diary filled with your budget, receipts and booking dates to keep yourself on top of things.

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DON’T be tight on a photographer

It may seem silly to spend thousands of dollars on a photographer when everyone either has a camera or iphone in their purse but its not! Never rely on your guests to capture your day for you. Its stressful for them and possibly upsetting for you if you don’t get any good photos to keep. After all it is your big day and you will want to remember it forever.
Tip: Write a list of all the friends and family that you would like photographed so no one gets missed on the day.

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DO have a hair and make up trial

Yes it seems like a waste of money to get all dolled up just as a practice but believe me it is worth every cent. You want to be relaxed on the day and if you don’t like your hair or make up and end up in tears there will be no time to fix the situation. A good make up artist and hairdresser is priceless and knowing that they know what you want and can achieve the look you desire in the time you have allocated is very important.
Tip: Try and book the trial on the day of your bridal shower or hens to make it feel like your money was well spent.

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DON’T arrange your own flowers or bake your own cake

Both of these tasks need to be done the week/ the day of the wedding and your stress levels will be sky high by then. There are ways of cutting costs but this is not it. Pay for the professionals and your money will feel well spent when your sitting back relaxing on the day.
Tip: Pay the extra money to get your cake delivered to your reception just incase it gets damaged and then it is their responsibility to fix the problem

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DO organise your bridesmaid dresses 3 months prior

I know your busy organising your own wedding dress but the bridesmaid dresses are equally as important to prioritise. Organising a multiple number of girls for a shopping day is never going to be easy but the sooner you do it the better. Finding a style of dress that will suit everyones body is always a challenge and they may need to be made to order which takes time.
Tip: Keep your mind open when shopping, try on multiple styles and colours as what you picture in your head might not suit your girls

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DON’T wait until after the wedding to pack for your honeymoon

The last thing you will feel like doing after your big day is packing. Be organised and pack a week before the wedding leaving only a list of things that you require for the week to be packed the day you leave. A stress free holiday is a good holiday and lets face it your going to crash hard after your jam packed wedding week.
Tip: Pick your tickets up from your travel agent a week before to avoid running any last minute errands.

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

DO take a deep breath and enjoy the day

The day will be filled with the buzzing activity of staff, friends, family and they all want you, the bride! Write a schedule for the day and stick to it. Prioritise each event with a realistic timeframe allowing for chatting and heaven forbid a problem that may arise. Try and enjoy every moment, take a breath and remember it’s your day and it’s perfect.
Tip: Do the rounds at the ceremony and reception with your new spouse, after all the day is about the both of you and you want to share it together.

Do's and Don't When Planning a Wedding

Have you got anymore tips for our fellow brides to be?

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