Life isn’t perfect but this doesn’t mean your wedding day can’t be!! And believe it or not this doesn’t mean your big day has to be a bank breaker.

Here are some snazzy little hints for saving dollars on your wedding day and some of the best ways to keep your wedding day from being eye wateringly expensive.

Saving Dollars On Your Wedding Day

Mix old and new to create a unique effect

There is a lot of misconception that organizing your own wedding is too stressful and time consuming so having a wedding planner can feel imperative. However cutting out the cost of a wedding planner will save you some much needed dollars.

On-line resources are so advanced and easy breezy to use, quite frankly these sites don’t get enough credit for how much they can help with theme inspiration. Providing limitless new quirky and different ideas allowing one to have full creative reign over their big day.

Saving Dollars On Your Wedding Day

Hand crafted paper decorations, an old door, decorated bottles

Listed below are two of Australia’s top recommended wedding planning sites for inspiration

Adding little extra sentimental features to wedding days are leading tradition. However did you know that this also can be a great budget reducer?

Up cycling left over fabric from the cut off’s of bridesmaids and wedding dress hems can be used as cute little extra details to wrap your bouquets and table centre pieces.

You can also look to places like where you can find affordable unique decorations, wedding invitations, accessories and much more that can be custom made or purchased as is.

Saving Dollars On Your Wedding Day

So simple yet so cute!

And who doesn’t love the idea of helping out the environment at the same time?!

Finally saving money on bridesmaid’s dresses is actually so much simpler than one would think!

Signing up for store e-newsletters and keeping informed on sales, promotional deals in store and online are great because you can score some magnificent bridal party catches! Just by checking those emails it could mean the world of difference on what you pay for your dresses!! But, like they say you have to be in it to win it.

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