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Saving Dollars On Your Wedding Day

Saving Dollars On Your Wedding Day

Life isn’t perfect but this doesn’t mean your wedding day can’t be!! And believe it or not this doesn’t mean your big day has to be a bank breaker.

Here are some snazzy little hints for saving dollars on your wedding day and some of the best ways to keep your wedding day from being eye wateringly expensive.

Mix old and new to create a unique effect

There is a lot of misconception that organizing your own wedding is too stressful and time consuming so having a wedding planner can feel imperative. However cutting out the cost of…

Honeymoon Destinations


Planning a wedding is fun. But you know what’s even more fun? Planning the honeymoon!

It’s time to celebrate the union of love between the bride and groom. To run away from life and be with the one person who makes you smile. Honeymoons are meant to be spectacular, restful and romantic. A once in a lifetime experience that will create memories to last a life time. If you‘re wondering where to make these memories then we have the top four destinations for you. Even if you’re not honeymooning and are in just need of a holiday these spots are…