Rule 1 – Don’t come in matching pairs!

Why you should break it: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt could get away with any party-dressing rule-breaking, but this humorous yet totally chic take should serve as inspiration for anyone.


Rule 2 – Don’t wear black heels with a white dress!

Why you should break it: … Unless you match it to your handbag, and if you do, keep both dainty in size and style.

Rule 3 – Do wear a slip!

BE DARING! Why you should break it: We were going to talk about the embellished shoe and skirt combination here as the rule to break, but the absence of a skirt slip is definitely more note-worthy.


Rule 4 – Don’t wear daytime sandals in the evening!

Why you should break it: With a dramatic long-sleeved dress, tone it down with a pair of more casual sandals.


Rule 5 – Less is more!

Sometimes more is MORE! With the right accessories you can over do a look in the right way! Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks! Rihanna def’s  shows us a thing or too in styling.


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