So you’ve found the perfect white dress and you’re trying to think of an appropriate occasion to wear it. Whether you want to avoid looking like a bride at your year 12 formal, or you’re attending a wedding and don’t want to be accused of stealing the newlywed’s lime light, it can be hard to know how to style a white outfit.

We are not going to advise you to wear a white wedding gown on your cousin’s big day, however we have come up with ways to style a perfect white outfit, without creating a ‘bridezilla’ scene.

Mix & Match with Bright Colours

Nothing shouts ‘non-bridal party’ like a mix of colours. By wearing a range of colours on a predominately white outfit, you can draw the main attraction of your outfit to the coloured shades.


Astrid Pleated A-Line Evening Dress

Check out our Astrid Pleated Dress. This gorgeous evening dress, by designer Bariano, is far from bride-like but still allows for that elegant white touch.

Louisa Floral Evening Dress

We also recommend our Louisa Floral Dress. This stylish full-length dress, designed by Langhem, is fresh, elegant and the perfect choice for an evening event.

Alternatively you can add some funky, bright accessories to your white dress to really make it POP. Whether that’s in a theme of bright red bracelets and necklaces, or with a pair of snazzy blue heels, adding colour can really take away that bridal feel to an outfit.



Black Feathered Bolero

Take a look at our Tania Olsen designed Black Feathered Bolero. The simple adding of just one accessory could transform your outfit from fad to fun.

Go Short

If your dress is above the knee, it’s unlikely that it will look bridal-like. Although we don’t recommend wearing a dress that is soley white to a wedding (regardless of it’s length), we do think a knee-length white dress can be the perfect choice for an evening event.

Belinda Lace Cocktail Dress

Check out our Belinda Dress. The beautiful patterning is far from simple; all you have left to do is dance the night away.



Experiment with white accessories

Sometimes you just want to brighten your overall look, and white can be the best way to do this. Try adding white accessories to a colour-filled dress. White accessories are perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding – and you get to fulfill your white fix!

A fascinator might be the perfect accessory to finish off your look (and here at Sentani we don’t just stock white).

Off-White is the New White

Maybe you just didn’t have time to tan and your natural, not-so-tanned, skin tone just isn’t accepting of your dark shade outfits.

Misty Lace Formal Dress

Try a cream or an off-white dress like our Misty Dress. This gorgeous full-length dress, which is covered in beautiful beaded lace, could be your go-to pale skin tone saviour.

No white needed!


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