The singer’s over-pleated mint Travilla gown looks more like a Little Mermaid costume than a red carpet gown. Lana’s dress is all kinds of WRONG! From head to toe this singer song written needs a new stylist and fast! From the out of date pleats to the off trend colour and fabric, this gown has missed the mark completely and looks like a maternity dress! What are your thoughts?



Jennifer Lopez – BEST DRESSED

This is all diva…and just divine. Jennifer Lopez may be 45 – but lets admit it, she’s never looked better. J Lo for the win! Our pick of the night!! – We are absolutely mesmerized by J-Lo, this dress deffs explains why she is hot on the best dress list, we can’t wait to see what she will wear next!



Keira Knightley – WORST DRESSED

It may have taken over 30 people to make the newly pregnant actress’ custom Chanel dress, but the butterfly-print design still looks more night gown than red carpet gown… We certainly weren’t the only ones hating Keira’s new style choice as reported everyone are all saying the same thing! Pilgrim nightdress?? I think so, deffs not a Dress we want to see at the Golden Globes. Don’t you agree?



Two of Taylor Swift’s BFFs – Lorde and Emma – forgo the traditional gown for pants instead. We’re particularly fond of Emma’s pick, a silver sequin bustier paired with bow-bedecked trousers and pointy-toe heels. As we don’t traditionally see pants on the red carpet for the golden globes, Emma may have started a new bold trend! One of the best outfits of the entire night! Are you a lover or a hatter of the pantsuit?

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kate Hudson – BEST DRESSED

Cut it out – With a deep plunging neckline and skin-tight fit, the panel cut-outs on Kate Hudson’s Versace gown proved to be too much. We are blown away with how sexy this dress has proven to be! Kate is deffs one to watch one the best dress list this year! – That is what you call a dress!

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